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Orthopedic education in Ladisten orthopedic clinic - Ukraine, Kiev
Doctor Vitaliy Veklich

Education Course
"Cosmetic Orthopedy. Ilizarov-Veklich technique and fixator. 2010-2011"

Goal and Brief
Dr.Veklich wants to share his experience of new Ilizarov-Veklich technique and fixator to orthopaedic surgeons around the World.

Education time: 12 months - 1th of October 2010 - 1th of October 2011
Education type: theory and practice
Main technologies to study:

1) Bow legs (genu varum) and knock knees (genu valgum) correction for children and adults

2) Height increase for children and adults

3) Limb lengthening for children and adults

Total cost for one person including tax:
on demand


The education is divided in two parts - theory and practice. Studing hours from 9-00 till 16-00 every day except Sunday.

Theory includes:

  • anatomy of upper and lower extremities
  • studing Ilizarov-Veklich technique and fixator
  • performing practice of orthopedic surgery on base of model of human body
  • studing metods of treatment for all kind of fractures for adults and children
  • studing orthopedic surgery for treatment of orthopedic pathologies for children and adults
  • consultations of Dr.Veklich regarding all questions of orthopedy and traumatology

Practice includes:

  • patients examination
  • rounds in the clinic
  • bandaging
  • become an assistant of Dr.Veklich before, during and after orthopedic surgeries in the clinic
  • depends on results of studing the self-dependent orthopedic surgeries are possible

At the end of the studying a person sit for an examination and get certification.

Accommodation and meals
During studing the course a person has accommodation in individual room, kitchen and all improvements during all period of studing. It is possibility to has three meals per day from the clinic's cook for additional payment or cook by himself. It is possible for a married person come with wife and live with her during all period of studing in same chamber, for wife's stay it need to pay additionaly.

About Dr.Veklich and his experience
Bow legs (genu varum) and knock knees (genu valgum) correction treatment
Limb lengthening for Leg Length Discrepancy
Limb lengthening for children with diagnosis "achondroplasia"
Treatment of all kind of fractures

Patients comments regarding their experience
A patient experience regarding bow legs correction treatment:

A patient interview regarding bow legs correction treatment:
Part 1.
Part 2.

Comments regarding bow legs correction treatment from our patients:
David (UK), Ioannis (Cyprus), Sayeed (USA), Dagmara (Poland).

About Ladisten orthopedic clinic
Ladisten orthopedic clinic

If you want to study Ilizarov-Veklich technique and fixator and want to become an orthopaedic surgeon of high level, please, contact our clinic manager with all details and information you need to know. Contact e-mail: or call 38 (044) 209-8054.

That is great opportunity you need to take advantage!

Ladisten clinic is like home for our patients. It is three-storyed building situated near the pine-trees forest so the air is always fresh and healing. There are 12 chambers: 4 luxury chambers, 6 first class chambers and 2 second class chambers...

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