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 USA Patient Kendall - Comment regarding bow legs correction treatment

Dear Ladisten Clinic Staff,

Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity and experience to do the impossible! (So I previously thought). I consider it a dream come true to have straight, beautiful legs, thanks in part to the Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus, and primary the incredible skills and experience of Dr.Veklich.

J have researched my options for bow legs correction for 2 years and now so happy I was able to come to the Ukraine and chose this clinic for the correction. My procedure on November 4th, 2009 was fantastic and the recovery period of 4 weeks in the clinic for my “slow correction” went very fast and I was taken very good care of by the staff and Doctors.

I had a pretty severe degree of bowing in my legs and I am 40 years old.

Due to the severing of bowing and my age, Dr.Veklich advised that I need a slow correction; where by my legs were adjusted slowly; twice a day by Dr.Veklich. The results are amazing!

Pavel Korsun met me at the airport the day I arrived of the Kiev airport and never stopped working entire time during my stay. Pavel is fantastic and help me with translations, communications and all my needs.

The nursing staff did an incredible job of taking care of me and were pleased, professional and efficient. If I called the nurses for something, they were here typically within 30 seconds.

Pavel, Dr.Veklich and the nurses and J have shared many laughs and have some fun joking about many things which made the time here very pleasant and the recovery more enjoyable.

I am looking forward to going home in a few days on December 1st, 2009 and recovery and allowing to my new legs to become strong! I return in early February for apparatus removal and look forward to my return and a chance to thank Dr.Veklich and the staff once again for a job well done!

Thank you so much for my straight legs and the life changing experience!

Sincerely, Kendall (USA) (11-27-09)

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